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For the installation of a conservatory in Thame we headed to Clear Conservatories Thame. We received a number of quotes from companies of different sizes. Although Clear Conservatories Thame wasn't the cheapest option available, we still hired them for the conservatories and windows installation because their specification was a lot better than others. The team at Clear Conservatories Thame have many years of experience installing a wide range of conservatories for our customers. For many years, we've been installing conservatories in Thame. We can help you find the conservatory that fits your lifestyle especially if you're looking for an elegant addition to your home or planning to add a contemporary edge. With the use of CAD, Clear Conservatories Thame are able to create a simulation of how the extension will look like after installation so any amendments can be made.

Build on that feeling of space and add value to your property with a standardised custom made conservatory from Clear Conservatories Thame windows. Clear Conservatories Thame is able to offer high quality glass in its designs since it's one of the original users of custom conservatory roof glass.
During colder months you'll need to find a way to keep the conservatory warm in Thame. You can make your conservatory a much more comfortable space in your Thame or Oxfordshire home by deciding to have your roof replaced by Clear Conservatories Thame's thermally efficient alternative.
If you're looking for glazed designs that are good for storing heat, look no further as we offer a number of designs that can easily accommodate your needs. From a new door to a large conservatory, Clear Conservatories Thame can add value and beauty to your property.
Before you decide to invest in a conservatory, you must keep in mind that the building regulations for rear end extensions are more relaxed nowadays. Meaning that our customers will easily be able to grant the planning permission in the vast majority of cases. An orangery is the combination of a traditional home extension and a conservatory.

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Being that you have met our recommended conservatory installers in Thame and read customer reviews, you're all ready to decide which conservatory installers to authorise. Now having met our recommended conservatory installers in Thame and read customer reviews, you're in place to decide which conservatory installers to appoint.

Conservatory or Orangery by Clear Conservatories Thame

Unlike many other double glazing, conservatory and orangery manufacturers and installers in the UK our supply of double glazing at Clear Conservatories Thame is second to none. All stages is done with the best standard equipment employing high-tech tools and the latest technologies, making sure you get a conservatory or orangery that looks lovely and is built to last long.

Contemporary Conservatory Designs by Clear Conservatories Thame

Clear Conservatories Thame offer work to both new builds and perfectly preserved Tudor homes. A traditional conservatory from Clear Conservatories Thame can add a fresh appeal to a contemporary home, giving it class.

Conservatory Designs by Clear Conservatories Thame

Call into our showroom with your dimensions and thoughts and we can prepare a free design just for you! This classic style, by Clear Conservatories Thame, is greatly suited to properties which are older.

Conservatories and Your Home in Thame, Oxfordshire

The real beauty of a conservatory from Clear Conservatories Thame is that it is a room, that is part home & part garden. Adding a conservatory to your home in Thame will raise the value to a home, and there is a wide range to choose from so it might challenging in a light way.